The agency ” SUMMIT ” was founded in 2003 in Zabljak. We are located 150 meters from the city center and crossroads on the way to Black Lake.

The best ratio price and quality of service , safety and reliability and years of experience when it comes to organizing various tourism services, make SUMMIT recognizable in the world of tourism, as well as on the tourist map of Montenegro and Durmitor.

We are recognized by the introduction of new, attractive facilities in the tourist offer of Durmitor promoting so. Adventure tourism activities like rafting, trekking, canyoning, mountain biking … that will allow visitors to better understand and feel the magic of Durmitor.

The safety of our customers is paramount, so we are all users of our services provided through insurance policies , and all our guides possess licenses and permits to operate. Participants in the tours get the most modern and attested safety equipment. This is evidenced by the countless successfully organized rafting and canyoning tour.

For our guests we provide a high quality and comfortable accommodation in mountain huts and houses and hotels, where they can enjoy traditional food specialties of Durmitor .

For your pleasant stay on Durmitor available are various types of accommodation – mountain homes (bungalows), hotels, pensions, private rooms, motels. We also organize lunches and dinners with traditional Durmitor specialtie….


Our goal is: ;

- Recognition in the field of providing tourism services

- Promoting the natural beauty of Montenegro Durmitor and diverse tourist attractions

- Creating a richer travel deals

- The introduction of new facilities in the tourist offer of the so-called – Adventure activities

- The satisfaction of our tourists



Let the adventure begin!