Jeep tours - photo safari

Jeep tours are a special pleasure if you are staying at Zabljak. We offer the possibility of riding through Durmitor areas of wilderness in quality off-road vehicles. As the most popular and most attractive tour, we recommend Durmitor Ring – Jeep Tour.


An unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe! At the bottom of the mountain  Durmitor , as one of the main natural and ecological attractions, is the river Tara , widely known as ” Tear of Europe” .


Nevidio canyon – an unforgettable adventure! Canyoning is sliding down through the riverbed and a series of waterfalls, rock climbing, crawling through the cracks, diving and jumping into natural water pools.


Trekking – from walking to hiking It’s hard to describe why most hikers are good people . Being a climber , means to be healthy , and a real friend.

Atv tours

Are you ready for some four-wheels entertainment? Experience the beauty of the Durmitor National Park in a different way, by off-road ride through the surreal areas of the highest Montenegrin mountain. With an adrenaline injection that only ATVs can give you, find out why Montenegro is a country of “wild beauty”.


Meet the Durmitor on two wheels !

Depending on your level of physical fitness , experience and preferences , we have a variety of cycling tours .

Guided Photo Tours

Where are the best hotspots for memorable photos?

National Park is ripe for photographing. With peaks and canyons as far as the eye can see, people travel from all over the world to see the majesty of the park. We see a lot of National Park photos each and everyday. Although there’s something to photograph at every turn, there are some amazing, iconic locations for the perfect photograph.


Via Ferrata represents a secured hiking trail that crosses inaccessible parts of mountain massifs with the help of cables and metal treadmills. Ferratas are suitable not only for professional alpinists but also for people with average physical fitness that are not engaged in active hiking and sports.

Horse Riding Tours

If you're looking for something special to do and suit all the family members, it's definitely horse riding! People of all ages enjoy it so much, so don't be put off...

Come and meet our faithful company on every mountain adventure.