Nevidio canyon – an unforgettable adventure!

Canyoning is sliding down through the riverbed and a series of waterfalls, rock climbing, crawling through the cracks, diving and jumping into natural water pools.


The most attractive canyon in Montenegro is certainly Nevidio, located on the slopes of Durmitor, belonging to Komarnica river canyon. Nevidio canyon is 2.7 kilometers long, with an altitude difference of 125 meters. The cliffs of the canyon reach 450 meters height and some parts of it are only half a meter wide. Surrounding of the canyon entrance is situated at an altitude of 1050 meters. 

The beauty of this place augments Poscenje village, with two glacial lakes and periodic waterfall Skakavica that scatters water over the seventy-meter high rock from the river Grabovica, which flows into the Komarnica river. 

Nowadays, Nevidio canyon represents the unique tourist attraction. The beauty of the gorge, foamy, sparkling waves, cascades and pools are reason enough to visit the canyon!

10:00 – Meeting at Summit agency or at the agreed place.

The journey to the canyon Nevidio takes about 20 minutes and on this trip we cross the lake plateau while Durmitor mountain remains on the right side, with its peaks Savin kuk and Sljeme. We pass through the tunnel Ivica, 2.2 km long. During the trip we make a short break in the restaurant where guests choose from a variety of foods, so it shortens the lunch break after the completion of activities. Upon arrival at the Nevidio, we put on the equipment (5mm neoprene suits, 5mm neoprene boots, helmet and belt) and have a briefing about what awaits us in the canyon, as well as how to behave in it.

11:00 – Entering the canyon

Through the entire canyon you follow guides that assist you in every demanding part. The first half of the passage is somewhat lighter with fewer jumps and easier sections. In the middle of the canyon we make a break and energy recharge with chocolate bars. In the second half canyon becomes more difficult and therefore more exciting, with interesting parts that follow one after the other and jumps that are becoming more frequent and larger. Throughout the canyon passage, guides are taking photos of the guest and recorded diving. Passing through the canyon takes about 3 hours, depending on the group.

14:00 – Exit from canyon

After a break of around 15 minutes we head towards the place where we entered the canyon. The climb takes about 45 minutes, during which we pass by the ruins of the monastery from the 11th century. After the climbing we reach the canyon exit and we are left with 15 minutes of descent along the paved road to the starting point.

15:30 – Lunch

On the way back from the canyon we stop at a restaurant for lunch, where the images and videos are burned on DVD.

17:00 – Back at Summit agency

Prices :

110e for person

Groups for 5+ persons 100e

For bigger groups – discount…