Guided Photo Tours

Where are the best hotspots for memorable photos?


National Park is ripe for photographing. With peaks and canyons as far as the eye can see, people travel from all over the world to see the majesty of the park. We see a lot of National Park photos each and everyday. Although there’s something to photograph at every turn, there are some amazing, iconic locations for the perfect photograph.


With the right guidance and support from a local expert, a photography tour is one of the best ways to combine your vacation with a creative learning experience where you can refine your photography skills., a photography tour is an amazing experience. 


Where will you try first?


1. Petrov vidikovac

Petrov vidikovac (Peter’s Viewpoint) is the point on the edge of Tara canyon with one of the best panoramic views on it. 

The tour starts with transfer by car from Zabljak to the hamlet Koca Do, which takes about 10-15 minutes. From the hamlet there is a walking trail toward to the viewpoint, which leads through dense forest. Walk is quite easy and takes about 30-40 minutes.

From this viewpoint you can see the part of Tara canyon that is not visited frequently. This viewpoint is secured with the fence and there are benches to sit and enjoy the view. Also there is a small cupboard with strong liquor which you can taste and leave your bottle. You can take a lot of nice photographs of the canyon.

In total the tour is about 2,5 to 3 hours long from Zabljak and return to the town.


2. Raklje

Raklje is the viewpoint at Susica canyon and Skrka valley. It is located in Durmitor massif close to Prutas peak. 

The tour starts from Zabljak with car transfer to location close to Todorov do, bellow Prutas, which takes about 40 minutes of driving. From that point short hiking tour starts to the viewpoint, and usually takes about 1 hour to reach it. From this viewpoint Skrka valley can be seen all together with Bobotov kuk. Also there is the magnificent Susuca canyon which can be seen. At the end in return to the car there is a beautiful spot for photographing Prutas, one of the most beautiful Durmitor peaks, with the reflection in a small lake.

In total the tour takes about 4-5 hours. Usually is done in the afternoon hours due to favor sun position.


3. Vrazije jezero

Vrazije jezero (Devil’s lake) is one of the most beautiful lakes in Durmitor. The view on the lake from a small hill Vrazija glavica is iconic, with beautiful view on Durmitor massif and Jezera plateau.

The tour starts from Zabljak with car transfer to the lake which takes 10 minutes. Climbing on the hill above the lake takes also 10 minutes. After finishing the shooting, you can swim and relax in the lake. After that, by car we go to the Riblje lake in the neigbor, and there we visit  ancient tombs called stećci dating from 15 century. From there, there is magnificent view at Durmitor as well.

The tour can be done in early morning due to sun position, but also at late afternoon and during the sunset, which will give you the opportunity to take some spectacular pictures.

This tour can be done in 2-3 hours.