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Don’t hike alone!


Let do it with our local friendly guides. Durmitor is our home and our passion. We’ve been exploring this region for decades and know it intimately. This is our teritory and nobody does it better. Durmitor National Park is a mountainous destination that awakens the imagination. Mountain range have a 48-peak massif with numerous glacial lakes. Choose from a variety of Hiking Tours. The duration and level of difficulty depend on your preferences and wishes.


Join us for an unforgettable hike through the unearthly landscape of Durmitor mountain. Our guided  hiking tours offer a spectacular mountain experience.


The hiking tours range goes from relaxing walks around Black Lake, to rock scrambling strenuous hikes lasting up to 10 hours suitable only for fit, experienced hikers.


Safety on the first place !


We will make the best possible tour for you during the meeting with the guide. A meeting with the guide before the tour is mandatory.  Based on your physical fitness, weather conditions - we will make a safe hiking experience that you will truly enjoy.
These are just some of the suggested tours that can be modified and customized for you :


1.   Red  Rock  Tour (CrvenaGreda)
Barno lake – Jablan lake – Crvena Greda (2164 meters above sea level):,
–  Altitude difference 900 meters.
–  Beautiful view of the Durmitor massif,  Zmijinje lake, Black lake and the Zabljak panorama.
– No shelters on the road.
– Drinking water not far from the Jablan lake.
– Shorter path: Barno lake – Jablan lake – Crepulj field – Zmijinje lake – return (Altitude difference 450 meters)
Level – Medium
Highlight - Beautifull panorama overviews from the Summit.

2.    Bears in Mind Tour (Medjed)
Black lake – Indjini dolovi – Mali Medjed – Veliki Medjed – Djevojka – Velika Previja – Terzin Bogaz – Velika Kalica – Struga – Orin katun – Tocak – Black lake:
– Altitude difference 1000 meters.
– Shelter in Velika Kalica
– Fascinating landscapes and views of Black lake with Veliki Medjed mountain peak and Durmitor mountain range
– Shorter path: Black lake – Lokvice – Velika Previja – Velika Kalica – Struga – Orin katun – Tocak – Black lake (Altitude difference 650 meters and shelter in Lokvice and Velika Kalica)
Level – Hard
Highlight – Amazing overview at Black lake

3. Premium Panorama Tour
Transportation to Susica lake – hiking through Skakala – Skrka – Skrcko Zdrijelo – Dobri Do (Sarban) – transportation to Zabljak.
– Hiking tour takes approximately 8 hours
– Altitude difference 700 meters
– Shelter in Skrka
– Hiking through the rainforest and then climbing Skakala to Skrcka lakes in the heart of the Durmitor
– Hiking under the highest peaks of Durmitor ( Bobotov Kuk and the Nameless peak) and climbing on Skrcko Zdrijelo which offers superb views of the two completely different sides of Durmitor (Skrka and Komarnica)
– Drinking water in Skrka.
– Shorter path: n/a
Level – Hard
Highlights – Amazing Ponorama views all the way, waterfalls and lakes

4.    Ice Cave
Black lake - Jaksica Mlin - Lokvice Stari Katun - Ice cave  - Lokvice - Zabljak.
- During this hiking tour incredible views of Mali Medjed and Veliki Medjed, Bobotov kuk, Nameless peak and Minin Bogaz are offered.
- Hiking tour takes approximately 8 hours.
- Altitude difference 1000 meters.
- Shelter in Lokvice
Level – Medium
Highlight – Hidden Ice cave in the heart of Durmitor mountain

5.    Summit Experience Tour – Bobotov kuk
Transportation to Sedlo – Hiking through: Uvita Greda – Surutka – Zeleni Vir – Velika Previja – Bobotov Kuk – Velika Previja – Valoviti Do – Biljegov do  – Lokvice – Black lake - Zabljak:
– Hiking tour takes approximately 9 hours
– Altitude difference 550 meters and 1000 m descent
– Physically demanding tour which provides impressive moments – views and landscapes, lakes; a long and high quality hike
–Shorter path: transportation to Sedlo – Hiking through Uvita Greda – Surutka – Zeleni Vir – Velika Previja – Bobotov kuk – Velika previja – Mlijecni do – Urdeni do - Sarban  (approximately 7 hours)
Level – Hard
Highlights - Magnificent routes, landscapes and sights

6.    Glacier Experience tour
Black lake – Tocak – Orin katun – Struga – Velika kalica – Glacier – return.
– Hiking tour takes approximately 6 hours
– Altitude difference 550 meters
– Shelter -  Bivak in Velika Kalica
Level – Medium
Highlights – 400 m glacier in the middle of the summer.

We are not responsible if you go on one of these tours yourself !



- Small Group Experience
- Local and Friendly  Guide
- Family Friendly
- Stunning Scenery

What is included:
- Experienced English-speaking guide
- Transport from Zabljak to hiking point
- An unforgettable hiking experience

What is not included:
- National Park Tax
- Food/Drinks
- Hiking equipment

What to bring:
- Hiking shoes, backpack
- Water, food
- Sunscreen and hat are recommended

See You at the Summit !