Horse Riding Tours

If you're looking for something special to do and suit all the family members, it's definitely horse riding!
People of all ages enjoy it so much, so don't be put off...

Take one of the best horse riding marvelous trips through a magnificent Durmitor landscape, incredible mountains, glacial lakes ...

Every horseback riding tour includes highly qualified trainers and trained horses to lead you go through an unforgettable experience !

Don't worry, you don't need to have any experience to ride horses with us, you just need to bring good mood. You don’t need to be an expert rider to experience it. if you’re worried about actually learning to guide a horse, it’s surprisingly easy. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you can explore Durmitor hidden places on horseback.
If you’re interested in doing a Horse riding tour at Durmitor, you can see the tour options in detail below.
We can organize a riding tour of your dream:


Our shortest tour last 1 hour. In the course of this tour, we will step onto the Jezerska Plateau, which offers a fantastic view of the Durmitor mountain massif. This tour is ideal for families with small children or those who are afraid to break the fear.


Tour that last 2 hours we will ride over most of the Jezerska plateau. It passes through a mini-canyon that passes through the plateau, through which, depending on the period when we are riding, a stream can flow. After that, we reach the viewpoint where we take a short break for photos. Depending on the time of year on this tour we can see the periodic lakes after which the plateau got its name, and if not then we will have the opportunity to ride across the flat meadows that remain behind these lakes and are ideal for riding.


On the tour that last about 3 hours we will cross Jezerska plateau and reach Fish's and Devil's lake. On the Devil's lake we will take a break for rest and photos. During this tour we will cover about 20 kilometers, mostly on flat and soft terrain that is ideal for riding. In addition to Fish and Devil's Lakes, depending on the weather conditions and period of the year, we can also see periodic lakes and watercourses that adorn the Jezerska plateau.

4. FOUR HOURS TOUR + Lunch in the Village

This tour includes horseback riding, lunch, drink and rest in the village of Merulja. We will start with touring of “Devil’s Lake”, “Fish Lake”, Greek Cemetery – “Bogumilski Stećci”.

After visiting these three natural beauties, we will head to the hill “Mala Oruijca”, which is located at 1600 m above sea level. Here you will have a perfect view of the natural beauty of Žabljak, the mountain Durmitor, and an ideal opportunity for the most beautiful photos.
Then we continue horseback riding to the village “Merulja” where lunch will be waiting for you and where you will try the flavors of local food and specialties from the farm of local family organic producers.

After lunch and rest, we will head to the starting point of the route – Devil’s Lake.
The average time horseback riding is three hours, while the rest of the time will be used for lunch and rest in the village.

5.  DAY TOUR + Village Life Experience 

The Village life experience tour offers you a chance to explore, work, observe, discover, interact with and learn about the unique culture and community of authentic Durmitor village.  Visiting a local village will give an experience beyond imagination for the tourists who look for some thing different during their trip in Montenegro...
Get ready to be inspired by an enchanting nature, a fascinating culture and the simple ways of rural life. Prepare yourself to be charmed by rustic Merulja village.

A whole day spent on the property while doing daily chores for a complete experience of life in the countryside, enjoying local specialities,with the hosts of the property who are ready to show you and explain everything you are interested in,step into one more adventure…

Program :
08:30h - We start the departure on horses from the Vrazje lake
On the way to the property guests can enjoy in a fanfastic view on Durmitor mountain.
09:30h -  Arrival in the village of Merulja  where You get to know the property and it’s people.
10:00h – Breakfast, followed by familiarization with the way of functioning on the property, where the guests attend the morning duities that are performed daily on the farm and the way of taking care of the animals that are raised there.
14:00h - Authentic Lunch made of homemade organic food
While in the first part of the day, the guests observe and get to know about functioning of the property, after lunch they get involved in some of the jobs that are done that day.
18:00h - Dinner
18:30h - Departure on horses from the village of Merulja and return to the Vrazije lake

As you step into the village, you'll be greeted with friendly villagers happy to help you learn the ways of their world. You'll see families preparing meals, planting, harvesting, cheese making... As you walk through the village, you'll be treated to a local's perspective – because your guide was born there…

Start/end point: Durmitor National Park
Season/months: All time (good weather conditions)
Location: Devils lake
Price: varies on duration tour and number of people
Length of tour:  hour to Day tour
• Small Group Experience
• Guided Horse Riding
• Family Friendly
• Unesco Nature
• Stunning Scenery
• Visiting and Interact at the local Village (Day Tour)
• Expert Horse Ride Guiding
• Organic Homemade Meals (4 hour and Day Tour)
• Warm outdoor clothing
• Waterproof jacket & pants
• Camera, Photo (optional)
• Transport to the Ride destination