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Are you interested in photography and want to see the most beautiful parts of Durmitor mountain - participate in a unique nature experience…

We have almost 20 years of experience in arranging tours to those who want to focus on photographing these fascinating areas. We guarantee that, on this day trip, our guides will do their utmost to facilitate a good photo adventures.


Explore these majestic mountain scenes at the Private Photo safari tour...


Jeep tours are a special pleasure if you are staying in Zabljak. We offer the possibility of riding through Durmitor areas of wilderness in quality off-road vehicles.

As the most popular and the most attractive tour, we recommend  Durmitor Ring – Jeep Tour



Durmitor ring belongs to very picturesque tours, because it covers a wide range of diverse landscapes: the deepest part of Tara canyon, wild Susica canyon,the highest peaks, pastures, rivers and small streams, driving through the forest….
Durmitor, a mountain giant, different on each side is protected by UNESCO, and it is the largest national park in Montenegro.
The duration of the tour is approximately 5 hours and the length is 96 km of asphalt road.
English speaking driver-guide will take you to this magnificent road, which will surprise you over and over again, with beautiful views, unspoiled nature and authentic villages, where the lifestyle is almost unchanged for hundreds of years.






10.00 am – Departure (Summit office or your Apartment) – entering  the jeep. Departure can be moved earlier or later on the day.


10.15 am – Movement of the tour – ride through an attractive natural environment of Žabljak in a comfortable means of transportation to the viewpoint Štuoc. Stopping at a motel “Momčilov grad” for sightseeing and photographing scenic landscape.
After that, passing attractive environment of the Great Stuoc, where height above sea level is 2050 meters. Stop for sightseeing and photographing landscapes of the Tara River canyon. You will see the deepest place of  Tara canyon. The deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world…

Continuation of driving to the village of Mala Crna Gora, which is located on the slopes of the canyon of the river Sušica. Stop for a panoramic sightseeing and photographing the canyon, which is very deep and large. There is a glacial lake at the bottom of the canyon, at the spring time. The view from there iz amazing !

Passing through a canyon gives a special adrenaline experience. Arriving at the village Trsa you can eat  in the national restaurant. Lunch is traditional, and includes meal that consists  organic and natural ingredients (lamb) , kačamak (corn flour meal), cicvara (gruel). If you prefer, we can make picnic in the nature.

After that the driving  tour around Durmitor massif continues. Stopping at several places for sightseeing and photographing very interesting and authentic Durmitor mountain peaks (Prutaš, Sedlo,Stožina ) and Durmitor glacial lakes.  There are  lots of attractive viewpoints, like edges of canyons, beautiful landscapes, glacial lakes and mountain peaks. You can see the pictures in Gallery….

Detour – driving to Piva River and Piva lake. Amazing view at Pivsko lake from Piva canyon viewpoint.


15.00 pm – The end of the tour- we arrive back to Zabljak

We can make Shorter tour, for two hours with viewpoints and amazing photo locations

•    Individual, Small or Bigger Group Experience
•    Driving over the the deepest canyon in Europe and 2nd deepest in the World, the famous Tara canyon
•    Short Hikes to hidden viewpoints
•    See a local community from an insider's perspective – on a guided tour led by someone who grew up here
•    Family Friendly
•    Unesco Nature
•    Stunning Scenery
•    Enjoying local food specialities (optional)
•    Learn about local community
•    Amazing Photo locations


•    Guided Jeep Photo safari Tour
•    Rural life exploring
•    English speaking Guide
•    Walking shoes
•    Waterproof jacket
•    Camera, Photo, Binoculars (optional)
•    Watter bottle (there is water spring)

•    National Park Tax (5 Euro pp)
•    Lunch

A beautiful photo often makes the best trip souvenir
Many tourist take this tour few times…
Must see !

Many tourist take this tour few times…

Must see !